Energo-Zelena received IPPC permit

On May 11th 2015 the ceremony for the handover of the IPPC permit by representatives of the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environment protection to the representatives of Energo Zelena took place at the premises of Energo Zelena in Indjija. 

The IPPC permit is another official confirmation that Energo Zelena meets the most stringent requirements in the area of environmental protection. With this Energo Zelena became the first facility processing animal by-products in Serbia with IPPS permit. In Serbia 174 existing facilities are required to possess the IPPC permit but Energo Zelena is only the 7th company in Vojvodina and the 11th company in Serbia receiving this IPPC permit.

However, obtaining this IPPC permit does not mean Energo Zelena will now restart its operations neither does the IPPC permit affect the pending arbitration against the Republic of Serbia.


VIP agency ranked among top 10 IPA agencies on UN's World Investment Forum in Geneva

Forum Geneva Small 1941

Agency nominated Energo Zelena's investment project for prestigious competition

It is our pleasure to announce that Vojvodina Investment Promotion agency is ranked among top 10 IPA agencies at the Investment Promotion Awards 2014 organized by UNCTAD, UN Conference on Trade and Development. VIP agency nominated the investment project of company Energo Zelena for this competition. The focus of this year’s competition was on “green” investments.


Press Release - Energo Zelena presented its state-of-the-art plant that processed more than 650 tons of CAT 1 animal waste during floods

News 15 S Press Release En

Energo Zelena, the first and currently only CAT 1 rendering plant for hazardous animal waste (animal by-products – ABP) treatment in Serbia and region (with the exception of Croatia) that fully complies with both Serbian and EU legislation opened today its state-of-the-art facility in Indjija to journalists for an organized visit. The management of the Company reported that more than 650 tons of CAT 1 animal waste from flooded areas in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been processed in this plant so far, adding that more waste from some areas is still to come.


What a solidarity!

News 13 S Poplave Srbija 02

On May 20th in the morning the Ministries of Agriculture of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegowina and of the Republika Srpska sent an enquiry to the Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia requesting permission to collect and transport drowned animals to Energo Zelena

After a risk assessment and an inspection of the Energo Zelena, the Serbian authorities immediately agreed and provided all necessary permits thus demonstrating solidarity with their neigbours.


Catastrophic Floods in the region

News 12 S Poplave Srbija 01

Our entire Energo Zelena team has been deeply touched by the consequences of the recent devastating flood catastrophe in Serbia, in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and in the Republika Srpska.

We wish strength to all those who suffered material but especially human losses.


Press Release - Energo-Zelena announces New Shareholder Structure

News 10 S Saopstenje Sr

Proper CAT 1 animal byproducts Treatment in Serbia is now possible and should be enforced.

Energo-Zelena doo announces a significant change of ownership of its Belgium based mother company Zelena nv. Its majority shareholder Electrawinds nv divested and has been replaced by Greenworx Holding nv, a Belgium based renewable energy development company and Saffelberg Investments nv, a Belgium based investment fund with significant investments in renewable energy projects. The transaction combines the purchase of Electrawind’s shares as well as a significant equity increase.


Interview - Kurt Derieuw

News 06 S Interview

Interview (December 2013, first edition of Magazine Market Player) - Kurt Derieuw, General Manager of Energo Zelena and country Manager of Electrawinds Serbia, about currently active
projects of Electrawinds in Serbia.






Regarding the attempt of disturbing and disinforming the public and with the intention of damaging the reputation and development, the company Energo Zelena hereby communicates:

The statements of some individuals which try to disturb and confuse the public with disinformation about the activities of the factory Energo Zelena through social networks – are completely inaccurate. We don’t know if this is the question of being not informed enough about Energo Zelena’s activities, but we would like to inform the public that the statements that the dogs or any other animals are killed in our factory and that it is done something illegal or not in our competence – are absolutely not true.

The main activity of Energo Zelena is the treatment of slaughterhouse waste which we collect from slaughter houses/meat industry and we process it in the factory so that the damaging materials don’t end up in the water or ground. Our mission is environmental protection and promotion of people’s health. We have invested more that 21 milions EUR in order that Serbia has the best factory which activity is in compliance with the highest standards of Serbia and EU. We understand that the organizations which protect the animals are worried about this and we ask them not to believe to a negative campaign which certain individuals try to perform.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize that we will inform the authorities about the activities of all those who disturb the public with false information in order to have some personal benefits.

Energo Zelena will present the factory to all media with a pleasure and will give them the opportunity to see how Energo Zelena works.

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Tel. (general):
+381 22 800 450

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Energo-Zelena d.o.o.
Zeleznicka bb
22 320 Indjija, Serbia
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Energo Zelena...



…is rendering plant owned by Republic of Serbia.

…is the only state-of-art rendering facility for hazardous ABP treatment in Serbia and the Balkan region (with the exception of Croatia).

…the processing capacity of the plant is 150,000 tons of hazardous ABP and it combines realistic market capacities for hazardous ABP and capacities for emergency situations.

…is fully compliant with both Serbian and EU laws and regulations. 

…has initially invested EUR 21,5 million into a rendering plant in Indjija. 

…is a zero waste plant. 

…is socially responsible company.

…employees 43 people and it will rise as the processing volumes increase – up to 100 employee.

...proper treatment of hazardous ABP is a corner stone for sustainable meat and dairy industry.